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Inheritance Advances for Heirs of Probate Estates and Trusts are extremely easy to apply for

Probate and Trust Inheritance Cash Advances, for the sake of convenience, are often referred to as "Inheritance Loans", "Probate or Trust Loans" or "Estate Loans" -- often by the Heirs who are applying for an Advance on their Inheritance. These advances are in fact not loans but are cash advance assignments, without interest rates or payment schedules. Likewise, employment status, income and credit history are not an issue when applying.

In order to receive a fast Trust Fund or Probate Cash Advance you assign a portion of your expected Inheritance to Inheritance Now. We purchase a portion of your inheritance, at a discount.

Fill out our simple application form or give us a call at 800-775-8044. If you are approved you can sit back, and relax. You could have your advance within days.

The cost of a Probate or Trust Advance to an Heir or Beneficiary depends on a number of variables specific to the Estate. These would include, among other factors, the overall risk, what the assets are; possible complications, creditors, taxes due, and how long we guestimate it will take for the estate to close, and distribute the funds.

We work with the attorneys, the personal representatives, the trustees and the probate court, so you can get your cash advance quickly. YOU ARE NEVER LIABLE TO PAY BACK THE ADVANCE ASSIGNMENT if -- at the end of the Estate or Trust process -- funds are NOT available. The cost of your advance will be on us. Or, if it takes longer than we estimated for the probate court or trustee to pay the assignment back to our office -- YOUR COST WILL NEVER INCREASE. Once our agreements are executed, the numbers never change. There are never any surprises.

Pre-apply online or call us for the lowest cost Inheritance Cash Advance. Call us today at 800-775-8044 to discuss the process and facts associated with your Inheritance Advance; to get information, facts and cost, regarding your specific inheritance. There is never an obligation to apply.