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Get an Inheritance Cash Advance; an Inheritance Loan, a Trust Fund Loan or a Probate Advance from InheritanceNow

Inheritance loans for heirs of estates in probate and trust

Inheritance Loans for Canada
Inheritance Loans for the United States

Is an Inheritance Cash Advance or Inheritance Loan Right For You?

  • Yes -

    if you are a current Heir of an Estate in Probate or Trust in
    the USA or Canada; expecting an Inheritance of $15,000 or more.
  • Yes -

    if you can't wait for the Probate or Trust to distribute.
  • Yes -

    if you want to access a portion of your Inheritance Now.

Why Should You Get an Inheritance Cash Advance from

  • No worry, no stress, no heavy lifting. We do all the work.
  • An Inheritance Cash Advance from Inheritance Now is as secure
    and reliable as it is easy and fast.
  • Your bank or credit union cannot provide you with an Inheritance
    Loan, a Probate Advance, or a Trust Loan. Inheritance Now can.

Once Your Estate Loan or Trust Advance Information has Been Received

It Generally Takes Only 2 to 3 Days to Get your Inheritance Money.

Call the Inheritance Cash Advance Hot Line at (800) 775-8044


"How Fast and Easy is it to Get An
Inheritance Cash Advance?"

  • Inheritance Now makes waiting for Probate to close, or your Trust to distribute, stress-free. With no up-front out-of-pocket costs, your Inheritance Advance will give you access to your own Inheritance cash – why should you worry? Inheritance Loans take the worrying out of waiting!
  • Lengthy forms or arduous paperwork are not needed to apply for an Estate Loan or Trust Loan. Employment status and job history are also not required to get a Trust Inheritance Loan or Probate Inheritance Advance.
  • It is always a fast approval process when applying for an Inheritance Advance, a Probate Loan or Trust Fund Loan. An Inheritance Cash Advance Manager is always available to help complete your application.


"How Do I Apply for an Inheritance Loan
or Cash Advance Loan in the USA or Canada?"

  1. The main requirement to apply for an Inheritance Cash Advance or Estate Loan is that you are a valid Heir of an Estate in Probate or Trust, in Canada or the USA; and can verify an expected Inheritance of $15,000+ in the USA or Canada.
  2. All Inheritance Loan or Inheritance Cash Advance applicants submit Estate or Trust paperwork; a valid ID; and a brief Inheritance Now application form. An Inheritance Advance Manager is always available to assist.
  3. To apply quickly for an Inheritance Advance, a Probate Loan or a Trust Fund Loan, simply call 1-800-775-8044; or fax to 1-949-249-2239. Or email your contact info via the Quick Form above. An Inheritance Loan Manager or Inheritance Advance Specialist will contact you the same day.


About Their Probate and Trust Cash Advances

$40,000 Probate Advance

  • Joseph P. is a Probate Loan client trapped by cash flow problems. An Inheritance Cash Advance offered a perfect fast and secure financial solution. Joe emailed us:

“I can't thank you guys enough! We were about to lose our home, when we discovered a financial life-saver for heirs like us called Inheritance Loans. We had no idea we could do this until we saw you on Thank you Inheritance Now for coming through for us even better and faster than you said you would on your Website! Our $40,000 Probate Advance really saved us!”

$25,000 Trust Fund Loan

  • Grace W. was taking care of her mother, who was ill when she lost her job. A large Inheritance Loan based on her Trust provided a timely, life-saving option. Grace said:

“Our Trust Fund Loan made possible by the Trust my grandma left me was like a gift from Heaven... And Inheritance Now was so fast, I couldn't believe we actually had put our $25,000 Inheritance Loan in the bank exactly 3 days after we finished our application. For once, you guys run a company that delivers what you promise on your Website! No kidding around.”

$70,000 Probate Loan

  • Janet P. didn't know Inheritance Loans were possible until she called Inheritance Now and was approved for a $70,000 Probate Loan:

“It was like a fairy tale!” she exclaimed, “I felt like someone else in a movie or a fairy tale and I was the fairy princess lucking into a magic wish called an Inheritance Cash Advance which saved my life and helped pay for a surgery my husband needed to be able to go back to work! You know how cheesy insurance companies are. Well the Inheritance Loan took care of everything and allowed us to move on with our life successfully! Thank you Inheritance Now!!”


What Should Probates and Trusts Cost?

Dan J. Wexler, senior partner at Quinlivan Wexler LLP offers an opinion on appropriate legal costs for Probate and Trusts:

“Writing a standard Trust can run anywhere from $2,500 to $5,000. It can cost more, but that's the normal range to get a customized Trust. Going to a cheap 'Trust Mill' to get a $1,000 Trust is not the best idea... it won't get you any real counseling or personalized legal service.

For Probates, attorneys can be often paid at the end when Probate distributes. Remember - Attorneys represent the Administrator or Executor, not the Heir. $3,500 should cover the smallest Probates... all the way up to $70,000+ for very complex estates.”

Should I Hire an Estate Attorney
to Manage Probate?

“I would advise all visitors and clients in the following way - some folks go back and forth for weeks trying to figure our how much money they might save by not hiring an attorney to handle Probate for their estate. Don't even go down that road!

Let me say this: A wise man once said that those who hire themselves as their own lawyer have a fool for a client.

Let's just say that if you go through Probate once without an experienced attorney you'll understand without any equivocation exactly how important it is to have a seasoned lawyer on board when dealing with Probate filings and issues over 10, 15, 18 months or longer.

Not having a lawyer to manage your Probate is like going through a tooth extraction without anesthesia. Or even worse - without a dentist altogether!

Probate is a process that relies on accuracy and technical know-how. Trying to guess your way through Probate for a year, often a year and and a half, is only inviting trouble, errors and problems. Why take such a chance with something so important?

Better to spend a few dollars and get it right the first time.”

Why is so popular with
Estate Attorneys and Heirs of Probates or Trusts?

Only one simple Inheritance Cash Advance application for all your Inheritance Loan, Estate Loan or Trust Fund Advance needs

It's Easy!(click to see more)

  • No employment history is required to apply for an Inheritance Loan.
  • We assist you with your easy Probate Loan or Trust Fund Loan application as well as all
    of your Inheritance Loan paperwork.
  • Simply provide your phone number, and an Inheritance Advance Specialist will contact you the same day, or print out the application provided HERE and fax it back to us at 1-949-249-2239.
  • Our Probate Loan & Trust Fund Loan Specialists are cordial and responsive; and will help get you on your path to a secure, fast Inheritance Advance

A fast Inheritance Loan service that is nationwide; providing Trust & Probate Loans usually within two or three days

Inheritance makes waiting for Probate to close easy and stress-free with our simple Inheritance Cash Advance process(click to see more)

  • When you apply for an Inheritance Loan, a Probate Cash Advance or Trust Fund Advance, Inheritance Now never checks your employment status or work history. Likewise, you never get overwhelmed by needless forms or complicated applications when applying for an Inheritance Loan, be it an Estate Loan, or Probate Loan; or a Trust Cash Advance.
  • The only requirement to apply for an Inheritance Loan is that you are a valid Heir of a current Estate in Probate or Trust, in the USA or Canada. You must have access to your estate paperwork; and a valid Inheritance of $15,000 or more coming to you.
  • We take care of everything else until your Inheritance Loan, Probate Advance or Trust Loan, arrives - generally within three to four days after all of your paperwork has been received by the Inheritance Loan finance team.

Inheritance Loans that are 100% secure -- for Heirs in Canada & the USA. A personalized Inheritance Advance for most Heirs, either with good or poor credit.

There's no risk!(click to see more)

Inheritance Loans have become a favorite no-risk, fast solution to financial problems, for Heirs and Beneficiaries of Estates in Probate or Trust expecting an Inheritance of $15,000 or more. Any valid Heir of an Estate, or Beneficiary of a Trust, based in the United States or Canada can apply for an Inheritance Loan by phone or online form.

Risk-Free Inheritance Cash Advance "Assignments" and Probate Loans: No Employment Check or Job Status Required to Apply

Forget about endless forms and long applications. No need to provide endless amounts of information about your employment history, your income or work situation or status. and provide Probate and Trust assignments, Trust Fund Loans and Probate Loans, based not on your financial history, but mainly on the assets in Probate or Trust associated with the Estate you are Heir or Beneficiary to; on your status as an Heir; and on the substance of your Inheritance.

Probate Process Time-line - See what stage of Probate you are in.

Probate Time-line - Check how long you have to wait

Did you know the average wait for an inheritance is 9 to 24 months? Why so many heirs choose an Inheritance Loan instead of waiting...(click to see more)

Are you an Heir of an Estate? Or Beneficiary of a Trust, in Probate?

If you are waiting for your Inheritance - you may realize by now that the Probate process will take an extraordinarily long time before you receive your Inheritance. In all likelyhood much a longer period of time than you had originally thought.

As an Heir, if you are considering an Inheritance Loan or an Inheritance Cash Advance, we invite you to review our Probate Timeline (located below)

This timeline is an excellent Inheritance reference tool to help you estimate how much longer you may need to wait before you are able to access your Inheritance. This will help you with your decision on whether or not to apply for an Probate Loan or Inheritance Cash Advance.

If you have any questions regarding the specific phase of Probate you are presently in, the Probate process in general, or would like to discuss getting an Inheritance Loan - call us to speak with a Probate Funding Advisor, in order to decide if an Inheritance Loan or Inheritance Cash Advance is the right option for you.

consider wait times when applying for a probate loan and inheritance cash advances
(click the image to see it in full size)

The Application Process

Our Inheritance Loan and Trust Fund Advance application process is faster and easier than ever...

For Heirs who want their Inheritance Advance Process to be as fast as it is secure(click to see more)

The Inheritance Now Trust Fund Loan or Probate Loan application process is never long or complex. There are no time-consuming forms or historical financial summaries to fill out in order to apply for your Inheritance Cash Advance. The only requirement is that you are a valid Heir of a current Estate in Probate or Trust, with access to your Estate and Probate paperwork, and a valid Inheritance of at least $15,000 coming to you. Inheritance Now does the rest.

To take the first step on your way to a fast, secure Inheritance Cash Advance, simply provide your phone number, and an Inheritance Cash Advance Specialist will contact you in a timely fashion to answer any questions and to explain the Trust Fund Loan and Probate Cash Advance application process. No wasted time checking your job history or unnecessary personal details.

What matters most is the Estate, your Inheritance, and the Probate or Trust process governing your Inheritance. Inheritance Now helps you with your Inheritance Cash Advance application in order to move things along quickly and accurately; and, as part of our service, we even help you retrieve Estate and Probate Court documents you need to complete the Probate Cash Advance or Trust Fund Loan process.

What clients are saying about Inheritance Now

Estate Attorneys, Administrators, Heirs or Beneficiaries -- all agree: in a down economy, people want only the most reliable, experianced professionals dealing with thier finances.."

Which is why Inheritance Now is #1 in Probate Cash Advances and Trust Fund Loans -- nationwide, in the United States and Canada

Probate attorneys, estate professionals, financial consultants and cash flow brokers send clients who are Heirs and Beneficiaries of Estates to Inheritance Why? "When we send clients to a Probate and Trust Inheritance Loan firm like Inheritance Now, we know they will develop immediate confidence in the Inheritance Loan specialists. They'll be treated with respect, in a totally professional, secure environment, and can expect a high level of integrity, trust, reliability, and honesty - at all times

An interview with a client that claims, " was a life saver"

"Your Inheritance Cash Advance really pulled you out of trouble with the bank on your mortgage issues..."

An Inheritance Cash Advance client agreed to join us in a brief interview this month, as her case was particularly interesting, and we believe intriguing to viewers out there that come to the Inheritance Now website. The interview was conducted by a senior Inheritance Loan specialist at Inheritance Now, who phoned the Inheritance Cash Advance Client at her home in Seattle, WA on a Sat. afternoon: Click here to read the interview.

$75,000 Probate Loan - Inheritance Funding on a $1.8 million dollar Inheritance. An Inheritance Loan Rescues a Client Just in Time

An Interview with Louise M. - a single mom from Santa Monica, CA who researched Inheritance Loans and called us the same day!(click to see more)

Director of Inheritance Loans: Thanks for joining us today to talk about your Inheritance and your Inheritance Cash Advance - which is fairly large, so Inheritance Now visitors will enjoy hearing about it. Everyone likes hearing about large sums of money.

Inheritance Cash Advance Client: I'm glad you asked me to talk about Inheritance Loans... My Inheritance Loan. I'm happy to let your visitors know about how helpful this Inheritance Cash Advance service is... and how professional Inheritance Now is; how nice the staff is.

Director of Inheritance Loans: Well thank you. How much are you inheriting? Inheritance Cash Advance Client: $1.8 million in various assets, that my dad left me, God Bless him.

Director of Inheritance Loans: And how much of an Inheritance Advance did you receive from Inheritance Now?

Inheritance Cash Advance Client: $75,000... more money than I've ever seen in my bank account before. When I slapped that Inheritance Cash Advance in the bank, I can tell you that my hands were shaking, They were! My hands were trembling when I was endorsing the back of the check you sent us!

Director of Inheritance Loans: Well we're glad you managed to get your Inheritance Advance into your bank account.

Inheritance Cash Advance Client: Barely! I was so excited. Talking about an Inheritance Advance is one thing, but actually having that Inheritance Cash, or inheritance money, in the bank is another!

Director of Inheritance Loans: What have you done, or will do, with your Inheritance Cash Advance?

Inheritance Cash Advance Client: My fiancé and I had a lot of debt to get rid of... and we wanted to start a business - right away - not in 18 months when our probate is supposed to close. Too long to wait. My fiancé had a retail opportunity that just wouldn't wait! I'm just glad my dad didn't put my inheritance money into a trust that wouldn't distribute until I turned 40 or something.

Director of Inheritance Loans: Then we would have had to advance you a Trust Loan, or Trust Fund Loan.

Inheritance Cash Advance Client: Yeah but who knows when we would have been able to get our Trust Fund money!

Director of Inheritance Loans: Yes. You never know. Well you did receive a fairly large inheritance after all. But why do you think your dad did not set up a Trust, to avoid Probate for one reason?

Inheritance Cash Advance Client: We asked ourselves the same question, my mom and I... I don't know... My dad became very successful all of a sudden, unexpectedly, when he started taking a percentage on top of his salary, or something like that. He just never stopped to rest long enough to think about Trusts I guess. I just wish he was still with us. He was a great guy.

Director of Inheritance Loans: I'm sure he was. Obviously he was a smart man.

Inheritance Cash Advance Client: Yeah he was. Real smart. So we pay a few Probate expenses..... so big deal. My fiancé Don says it's all "found money" anyway. Our Inheritance Money is "found money"... and so is our Probate Loan for that matter. Our Probate Loan is really found money... we didn't know Inheritance Loans were even possible. So that was even more unexpected than my inheritance!

Director of Inheritance Loans: How did you find out about it then?

Inheritance Cash Advance Client: Don went online and started looking Googling "Inheritance Loans", and "Probate Loans", He searched on "Inheritance Advance" or "Inheritance Advances" - and you popped up first on the searches... and your Website looked really professional and had a lot of good information on Estates and Estate Loans and Probate Loans. So we decided to call you. We could tell you guys knew what you were talking about.

Director of Inheritance Loans: I see. And what do you think you'll do with your Inheritance, once Probate closes and you have all your Inheritance Money.i

Inheritance Cash Advance Client: Well there we have a difference of opinions. Don wants to buy a new house, a bigger house in a nicer area... on top of investing in the business. I would prefer to stay in the home we're living in now, it's perfectly fine. He also wants to use a large part of our Inheritance Advance for the new business, on top of paying off bills. I'm telling him with our $75,000 Probate Loan - we can't do all the things he wants to do. There just isn't enough. I think we should wait! So we don't agree.

Director of Inheritance Loans: I see...

Inheritance Cash Advance Client: Look, once we have our inheritance in our hands, then fine, go for it. But I think we should only use a small part of our Inheritance Advance. You never know what might some up! You never know what we might need some of that Probate Loan for... an emergency - whatever. So I say wait. Later on, with my total inheritance in our bank account we can do anything. But our Inheritance Advance is for immediate things. That's what I think.

Director of Inheritance Loans: Well you could always get another Probate Loan if you wanted to.

Inheritance Cash Advance Client: I know. They told me I could apply for another Inheritance Cash Advance at your office... But I'd rather just wait, and use the Probate Loan we already have. One thing at a time. But we might do that if Probate drags on and on. We definitely might get another Probate Loan.

Director of Inheritance Loans: So when it comes to Inheritance Loans you're the conservative, and your fiancé less so

Inheritance Cash Advance Client: That right. In fact Don likes to throw money around. Not me. I look at our Inheritance Loan as a gift, why spend it all if we don't have to.

Director of Inheritance Loans: I imagine you got that from your dad. He was clearly sensible about money.

Inheritance Cash Advance Client: He was. I guess I got that from him. But I know he would have approved of my getting an Inheritance Advance rather than waiting such a long time for Probate to close. Some things can't wait.

Director of Inheritance Loans: Well thank you so much for talking to us today. I'm sure our visitors will enjoy finding out about you and your fiancé and your Probate Loan... and all the things you have done, and will do, with your Inheritance Advance. We hope the next time we speak to you your new business will be successful...

Inheritance Cash Advance Client: We hope so. Without the Inheritance Advance you gave us we wouldn't have been able to invest and that would have been yet another dream that went nowhere. The fact that we got our Inheritance Advance so quickly, made it all possible.

Director of Inheritance Loans: Glad to hear it Louise. Thanks again for the nice interview.

Inheritance Cash Advance Client: It was fun. I feel like a rock star... getting interviewed. And I want to thank Inheritance Now for everything! For making so many things possible with our Probate Loan. And it's good to know we can always get another Inheritance Advance if we need to.

Interview With Jeannette A. in Seattle, WA. $25,000 Estate Loan

Inheritance Funding on a $335,000 Inheritance(click to see more)

Inheritance Advance Manager: Hi Jeannette... Glad you could talk with us today for a few minutes about the Inheritance Loan you received from us 6 months ago.

Inheritance Loan Client: Seems like 5 years ago! I've been through so much this past year, what with my mom passing... and moving to a new house, and getting laid off...

Inheritance Advance Manager: Yes...

Inheritance Loan Client: And then getting the Probate Loan. Which was a life saver. I honestly don't know what I would have done without this Inheritance Money. Probate still hasn't closed and distributed the Inheritance Funds to all the Heirs... So the Estate Loan came in at the right time.

Inheritance Advance Manager: Why? I thought it was scheduled to distribute next month.

Inheritance Loan Client: I don't know... there was some sort of problem with some paperwork, and the lawyer told us now our Inheritance Money won't be distributed for another 6 to 8 months. Without the Estate Loan I would have had to borrow from my boyfriend to get my mortgage paid, and I didn't want to do that.

Inheritance Advance Manager: I can understand that.

Inheritance Loan Client: And the lawyer told us about Heir Advance and that we could actually get an Estate Loan if we wanted to. We thought we might not be approved for a $25,000 Probate Loan... but we were.

Inheritance Advance Manager: Well, I'm glad we were able to provide you with an Inheritance Loan in good time, Jeannette.

Inheritance Loan Client: Not as glad as I am! My Probate Loan was really, really fast - like 2 days - which is just what I needed. I saw on your Website that speed, fast Estate Loans, is something you specialize in. As well as security - and reasonable rates for Probate Loans. And maybe because I got a Probate Loan not a Trust Fund Loan it might have been faster...?

Inheritance Advance Manager: Actually it doesn't generally matter. Trust Loans usually take the same 2 or 3 days to get your Inheritance Money as Probate Loans do... There's not much difference Jeannette. As long as Trust Beneficiaries are able to get their paperwork to us quickly, from the Trustee or Trustees.

Inheritance Loan Client: Well anyway I talked to my lawyer about this and he said he knew who you were and that I should just go ahead and get the Estate Loan and not worry about it.

Inheritance Advance Manager: Why was speed an issue for you Jeannette?

Inheritance Loan Client: Well I was two months behind with the mortgage... and I had surgery on my knee which cost a small fortune, insurance only picked up 70% - I still had to pay 30% plus borrow from my credit card which only put me more into debt... and so the debts just kept growing.

Inheritance Advance Manager: Debt is a source of great worry and anxiety for a lot of our Inheritance Loan clients.

Inheritance Loan Client: You're not kidding! At 30% interest paying it back! It's outrageous. I'm really glad there's no interest on top of my Estate Loan.

Inheritance Advance Manager: Yes, your Estate Loan was done as a Probate Advance "assignment" as opposed to an Inheritance Loan which involved interest and monthly payments to pay back the Inheritance Loan in 3 or 4 years.

Inheritance Loan Client: I definitely like not having to pay off the Inheritance Loan in monthly payments... Just one Probate Loan payment and it's finished. Much, much better.

Inheritance Advance Manager: What else do you think you'll use your Inheritance Loan for?

Inheritance Loan Client: Well, the medical bills and credit card debt was the major issue for me... But I also owe some small personal loans that the Estate Loan will take care of. And I need to fix things in my home that I couldn't afford to do before you gave me my Probate Loan. Also, just having this Inheritance Money in the bank gave me so much confidence, it's great knowing that you have a nice Inheritance Loan nearby that you can use whenever you really need it!

Inheritance Advance Manager: That's terrific Jeannette. We're glad to hear that your Inheritance Loan has helped you in so many ways. An Estate Loan or Trust Fund Loan generally gives folks like yourself some important padding until the balance of their Inheritance Money is received, once the Estate closes.

Inheritance Loan Client: Thank you so much. Not only for my Probate Loan - but for the speed and the cordial, friendly way your staff treated me when I was completing my Estate Loan paperwork. They could not have been nicer.

Inheritance Advance Manager: Thanks Jeannette. Stay in touch!